hmm the begining of a New End Season…

hmm the begining of a New End Season 2006-2009 UOM
by Atish Rajub


December Class Event

Hello CSE 3B guys, it has been a long time we didn’t organize any class activity. Let’s book a day (not bookoa) in December if possible. Hope to hear from you soon guys.

Guess who is in this picture above?

PS: If you want to post anything on this blog, you are welcomed. Thanks.

Vote opening soon

Final vote opening soon with surprising and interesting (cse3b) qualities.


>Only CSE 3B Students will participate but the vote is opened to the public.

[Zeleves CSE3B pu poz candidats. Zot capv vote zot mem et public capv vote zot]

>While voting you can put more than one selection and it’s important to click on “Vote”

>You can invite other people to vote for you at

>It’s only a fun competition award

>You can only vote once per computer because of cookies and block by IP.

You will be able to vote as from ___ to ___ till Midnight [Please be patient for the date/time]


The winners are:

1st Vanessen

2nd Salmaan

3rd Wally

The letters are published below: by Vanessen

# It does not depend in what language we say it…but with how much love we say it and write it…..

import God.BestCreatures as Human
import Human.Man
from Man.ripple import Woman
import Day.Time as day
class Woman():
def __init__():
# declaring the attributes of the class
self.attributes = {}
self.attributes[‘snivel’] = True # like to cry
self.attributes[‘swindler’] = True
self.attributes[‘cheek’] = True
self.attributes[‘sensitive’] = True
self.attributes[‘fragile’] = True
self.attributes[‘Make Up Time’] = day /8 # 1/8 of day to make up
self.attributes[‘Dressing Time’] = day /8 # 1/8 of day to Dress up
self.attributes[‘Shopping Time’] = Day.week/4 # 1/4 ofa week to do shopping
self.IsLoveBySomeone = True

def getAttributes():
return self.attributes.key()
def getHobbbies():
print “Do shopping – watching Tulsy”

def getTalkingSubject():
print “Previous day’s Tulsy serial”

def getNightmares():
print “Increase in 1 kg”

def getDreams():
print “Being the wife of Hrithik and roaming around in a Ferrari”

class  Man():
def __init__():
Man.__init__(): # inheriting from Human.Man
self.CountGirlfriend = N
self.IsLoveBySomeone = True

def getLifePartner():
return None #no partner for life

def Success(NoOfGirlfriend):
if NoOfGirlfriend == 1 and == True:
return True

if NoOfGirlfriend > 1 and NoOfGirlfriend < 5:
return False

if NoOfGirlfriend > 5 or NoOfGirlfriend < 0:
return ‘Chaos’

def getHobbies():
return “Contempling Beauty of the nature” # meaning woman

def GetQualities():
if getSomething == True:
return ‘Give something’
elif  self.CountGirlfriend > 1:
return ‘Liar’

return ‘get Drunk and enjoy’

# instanciating the classes
woman = Woman()
man = Man()

# to run the program u need to install the module Human and of course to have python install — if you don’t have don’t worry
# Let’s look at the code in detail
# if you manage to run the code its fine —
#Calling woman.getAttributes will return a list  of qualities for which woman are famous for…..but you are not the only creatures with flaws…..
# man are no less than woman…..we are all imperfect creatures trying to get the best of what we can and what we like to be….trying to follow the trend
# try to be similar yet so distinct and unique……
# but we have all something in common ….LOVE….
# if u look at both class constructor…you will notice the common attribute self.IsLoveBySomeone = True
# Neither Man nor Woman could have been created without the attribute self.IsLoveBySomeone
#we have been created WITH LOVE….TO LOVE and we will die WITHOUT LOVE…..
# we will always have someone who think about us….without us knowing ..because we sometimes neglect the sign
# A man does not need many woman….but only one is largely sufficient…..
# try to aall man.Sucess — in  fact having more that one woman in our life leads to choas– but sincere love only brings success if it is reciprocal
#if not it leads to chaos and abandon…..deception,unworthyness…….and suicide..
# may every man or woman who have a single and true love in his life enjoy the present moment and cherish what he or she has….
#May the one who lie on LOVE and takes it for GRANTED be CURSE…..
# may the one who do not have a man or a woman in her or his life cherish the present moment of liberty…..and fly like a bird…without wings…
# LOVE is not SEX….and SEX does not necessarily be LOVE…..
#Friendship  =>  LOVE ….. LOVE  => Friendship……
#may every SOUL  be bless with LOVE ……..and may LOVE be Bless by every SOUL

$_Prince by Salmaan


Admin by Wally

Hi Sweetheart,

Think you would be expecting a love letter. But love cannot be written on black and white. Love its feeling, what we share and experience together, what makes our ups and down of our daily life. It accompanies us everywhere and in all aspects.

A letter to express my love to you does not have the same impact as a kiss on your lips and you hearing a soft voice saying ” I love you”.

No kisses, No goodbyes.

I’m always beside you


Conclusion: All the 3 guys worked well. The letters were judged on originality and beauty.

Breaking News about Romantic Letter Competition

Hello friends, I got only 3 letters for the competition till now.

The first one: It’s a very professional letter where the writer has used his programming skills and maybe his experience to bring forward such a nice letter.

The second one: Use of graphics and a very nice poem.

The third one: Simple letter but says lots of things.

Tight Competition between these three guys. Bzw those who have not participated, just too bad! 😛